The following are specific terms and conditions for the Red Hill Station Photography Workshops.

These terms and conditions are additional to the standard workshop terms and conditions. You can view these HERE.


By the process of registering and completing payment for a Red Hill Photography Workshop you agree to both the standard workshop terms and conditions and the additional Red Hill specific terms and conditions.


Travel to the workshop location is not provided. Access is via dirt road from either Herveys Range Road or the Flinders Highway at Mingela. Roads in from those locations are dirt and conditions can vary from reasonable to rough and corrugated depending on the time of year and current conditions. The station is accessible by 2wd but is more suited to high clearance vehicles as some creek crossings and washouts need to be navigated. Car pooling is recommended to get to the station. A meeting point will be established along Dotswood Road (between Herveys Range Road and Mingela) at the turn off to the station. Contact the event organiser if you need assistance travelling to the workshop.

Suitable clothing is required for the harsh conditions that may be experienced. Long clothing is recommended and closed in shoes/boots are mandatory (no sandals or thongs). We will be walking across station ground with no tracks in some areas. Temperatures can get to below zero in winter months so suitable warm clothing is highly recommended. A good hat and sunscreen is recommended also.

Getting around the station will be via two 4wd vehicles (4 per vehicle plus gear) with limited space so keep the amount of gear you will be using to a minimum.

Most travel will be via 4wd. There will be some walking mainly on flat ground, but some areas may be rocky with loose dirt etc. The most you will have to walk to each activity site is about 500m. It’s not considered difficult but you need to consider if you may not be able to do what’s required. Bear in mind you will be carrying all your photography equipment also. Contact the event organiser to discuss if required.

Drones will not be able to be used around the station so please leave them at home.

There is very limited mobile phone service around the station. The house has good phone service and internet. There are various (high) spots around the station where you may get service. All mobile access is Telstra only so if you are with another provider you probably won’t get service for the duration of the workshop.

Emergency contact numbers will be provided prior to participants for the station house and the two event organisers (station owner and photographer) in case anyone needs to contact you in an emergency only. You will also be asked to provide emergency contact details if we need to contact anyone on your behalf during the workshop.

You need to advise the workshop organisers if you have any medical conditions that we need to be aware of during the workshop. The station is remote and help from emergency services may be some time away.

You will be required to bring your own drinks (if you want anything apart from water). Water is provided and available at the house, ensure you bring a good sized water bottle for activities around the station as there is no water away from the house. If you bring your own drinks there must be NO GLASS as we will do sunset nibbles/drinks etc. out on site. Cleaning up broken glass is difficult and not good for the station environment.

NO ALCOHOL is permitted to be consumed or brought onto the station for the duration of the workshop. Person/s arriving at the workshop under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave and will not be able to participate in the workshop at all. No refund will be given. 

Meals will be provided (dinner and breakfast). If you have any special dietary requirements please make contact with the organiser prior to the workshop. If you are highly sensitive to certain foods and/or have any allergies you may have to provide for yourself as we may not be able to guarantee providing meals safely for you.

Entry to Red Hill Station and your involvement with the photography workshop is at your own risk and Red Hill Station, it’s owners and the event organiser cannot be held liable for any incidents arising from your participation in the workshop. This includes during your travel to and from the workshop and also any damage incurred to your equipment during the workshop.

Any decisions made by either of the event organisers (station owner or photographer) for the duration of the workshop will be final.

Any photos/videos captured by the workshop organisers of you and/or your equipment will be considered able to be used for promotional purposes for future workshops and events, including use by Red Hill Station owners.

The workshop format may change at any time depending on local conditions, the operation of the station or the weather. This will be at the discretion of the station owners and/or the event organiser.

The event organisers and station owners adopt a “leave no trace” policy.

Respect the station land, property and people.