Red Hill Station day photography workshop is an exclusive day trip for landscape and wildlife photographers on private property about 2 hours west of Townsville in between the Australian Army High Range Training area and the Burdekin River.

The station has a stunning array of different landscapes and also different coloured soil and rock types which make for stunning and contrasting landscape photos. The station also has lots of different wildlife from different kangaroo species and many different birds which frequent the area and the many dams on the property.

The workshop will not only be a photography experience with guidance from a professional landscape photographer but a station experience also and station owner Kylie will be along to share her knowledge of not only the station but her experiences with the outback and also land management.

Included is travel from Townsville, morning tea, lunch and snacks for sunset. There will also be an editing session during the hot part of the day over lunch. The workshop will be a full day from 07:00am till 09:00pm.

Cost - $180.00  Max 6 people.

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