Landscape Photography Workshop (1-1)

Do you love landscape photography and know your way around your camera but still struggling to make those images pop? Do you like photography and travelling and want to capture amazing photos while you are away? Then this course is for you.
For three hours you will learn how to plan, setup and capture awesome landscape images. I will share all my tips for getting the best out of your camera and how to make your landscape photos look amazing with correct exposure, focus and composition. Also learn how to predict when certain things will occur like Milky Way placement etc. You will also come away with course notes and have ongoing support from me.
Learn how to use landscape filters and I will have sample kits there on the day for you to try and use. Filters are key to capturing great photos especially where a high dynamic range exists (like sunrise and sunset) where there are really bright areas (sky) and really dark areas (foreground) in your photo.
At the end of the course we will capture sunset with all your new found knowledge  I do not take my own photos so am just there to mentor you!
A good pre-requisite for this course is to do my camera photography workshop to learn how to take control of your camera but it is not essential. You need to be able to use your camera in manual mode and have a reasonable tripod but I will guide you through all the settings and setup anyway.


This workshop is 1 to 1 only. EMAIL me to discuss and to arrange a mutual date for your workshop.