Hughenden Landscape Photography Workshop

8 hour photography workshop in Hughenden in Outback Queensland.

Course will include some basic photography skills, a landscape sunset shoot with use of landscape filter kits, and an astrophotography shoot. Notes and after workshop support included.

There will be 3 main sections of the workshop:

1. An overview of photography basics, camera modes, settings and focusing. Also a bit of planning for your shoot and some apps that I use etc.

2. Sunset landscape shoot capturing the awesome light at the end of the day. I will have landscape filter kits available to use as required to enhance your shots. We will then grab a bite to eat (not included) while we wait for the sky to darken totally in preparation for the night session.

3. Astrophotography/night shoot. This will include Milky Way (weather pending), long exposure and light painting for effect and foreground interest. I will supply a tip sheet to use when setting up to make sure you cover everything off before and during your shoot. 


Cost - $245.00

Workshop dates:

09Sep23 - Click HERE to book.

EMAIL me if you have any questions about the workshop.

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