Are you overwhelmed by all the buttons, settings and displays on your camera? Feel like you're not getting the best out of your photography and your photos are lacking something?
Come and spend a few hours with me and change the way you look at photography.

In this 3 hour photography workshop learn the following:
How to setup your camera to capture the best photos.
How to focus correctly and get the correct exposure everytime.
Learn which modes to use and when.
Information and characteristics of different lenses.
How to compose your photo for the best impact and to draw the viewers eye to your subject.
How to ensure your photos are crisp and sharp everytime.
You will also have access to support from myself after the course for any questions or problems. Notes will also be provided.

Only limited numbers for a personalised learning experience.
At the end we will capture sunset for a memory of your course.
I look forward to meeting you and passing on my knowledge.

Workshop Dates:

2021 - Every first Sunday of the month starting 3rd of January. Click HERE to select and book your workshop.


Camera Photography WorkshopCamera Photography Workshop