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** New Product **

** Atoll Camera Rotation System **

This blog is about a new camera rotation system called Atoll from a company called Silence Corner. They are a new product partner under the Pixel One banner for whom I am an authorised reseller.


This new innovative camera rotation system is a different sort of replacement system for the L-bracket where you can easily switch your camera between landscape and portrait modes without moving your tripod or ball head and having to reset your composition.

The difference with the Atoll system is that the camera is mounted in a circular frame and you can easily rotate the camera just by loosening a tension screw and turning your camera. Once set, tighten the screw and you're done in seconds. There's detents for 0, 90 and 180 degree increments or you can set it at any angle you wish unlike an L-bracket. You can also easily and quickly change lenses if required.

There are three different models for mirrorless cameras, DSLR's and also a model specifically for Sony cameras.

Unfortunately the system cannot fit all cameras but it is compatible with most. If you have a camera like a 1DX or similiar or a camera with a battery grip the system cannot be used. See below the compatibility chart to check out your camera.

Here's also a few photos of the system below and also some links to my store if you want more info or to purchase. There are also extender and heightening plates in my store if the charts recommends them for your camera system.

As always, if you have any questions please EMAIL me and I will do my best to help you or find out more info for you.

Atoll-C for mirrorless cameras

Atoll-D for DSLR cameras

Atoll-S for Sony cameras


A7R00623-27-2-169-scaledA7R00623-27-2-169-scaled A7R00567-69-2A7R00567-69-2

Atoll compatibiltyAtoll compatibilty


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