Camera Sensor Cleaning

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NO, not like the dishwashing photo above haha :-) Do not try this at home! Lets do it like the photo on the right!

Having a clean sensor on your camera is important not only for the health of your valuable camera, but also to remove dust spots on your photos. Removing these in post production can be time consuming especially if you have to do it for every photo. Some photos will not show them up but a lot do especially blue skies and lighter, whiter contrasts.

Typically sensor cleaning is left to professional people at camera shops or dedicated camera service centres, but you can do it yourself easily and quickly if you have the right advice, instructions and the equipment to do it properly. EMAIL me if you are interested.

The good news is I am now an authorised reseller for Visible Dust sensor cleaning kits and accessories including kits for full frame, APS-C and micro 4/3 camera sensors, cleaning solutions and accessories such as mirror box cleaning kits and also blowers to remove excess dust before cleaning. A lot of the time the blower will remove the contaminants so that your sensor does not need cleaning, but mostly the sensor will need to be cleaned physically.

The big thing to note here is that you are not actually cleaning your camera sensor. Dust and contaminants collect on the low pass filter in front of the sensor so the risk of damaging your sensor is reduced and is less of a worry when cleaning your sensor.

I will be loading a selection of Visible Dust camera sensor cleaning kits and products on my website eventually, but for now if you are interested in performing this yourself, please EMAIL me or get in touch by socials or Mob (0349575340)

See below a selection of sample photos of some of the products that are available.

Cheers and happy shooting.


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