Lightroom Basic Online Course

March 12, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Lightroom users, get excited!

After months of development, I have finally released my Lightroom Basic Online Course.


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For a while now I have been wanting to setup an online learning platform for my business but I struggled with finding a suitable one and also having the time to devote to it and set it all up. It's rewarding that this has come to life and I'm sure it will help people understand Lightroom and also other things to do with photography in an easy to learn way in their own home.

During my face to face workshops and also interactions with other photographers, I hear a lot of discussion about Lightroom and I know some people do struggle with it and it can seem complex and confusing. My Lightroom Basic Online Course will simplify things and provide a solid starting point for photographers to build their workflow and easily edit photos in minutes. It also provides a great file system (or cataloguing) process so you can always find your photos.

The course contains 7 modules with easy to follow lessons in each. I will detail the modules below. Each lesson contains a video with on screen process so you can easily follow along. I also provide some sample RAW files that you can use for this. You can use your own files though.

The course is easy to get enrolled with and the platform is simple and easy to understand. You can complete the course at your own pace coming back when you need to so you can review a process or carry on with the next module or lesson. There is lifetime access so your content won't expire after a certain time.

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Here's a breakdown of my Lightroom Basic Online Course.


  • Your instructor
  • How Lightroom works and overview of modules

Setting Up Lightroom

  • Catalogue file and local folders
  • Preferences and catalogue settings


  • Download source files
  • Importing your photos into Lightroom

Collections, Flagging. Rating and Filtering

  • Creating collections and collection sets
  • Flagging, rating and filtering your photos

Editing Your Photo with the Develop Module

  • Basic Panel
  • Detail Panel
  • Transform Panel
  • Cropping Tool


  • Exporting for Print
  • Exporting for Web

Sample Photo Edit and Creating a Watermark

  • Sample Photo Edit
  • Creating a Watermark for Your Photos

I hope that's been a more detailed insight into my Lightroom Basic Online Course. Click HERE if you want to go to the sales page for more info.

Stay tuned in the future for more online courses including a Lightroom Premium course which covers the more advanced functions and capabilities of Lightroom. I also hope to have my Beginner Camera Photography Workshop compiled into an online course soon also. Check out upcoming courses HERE

As always feel free to EMAIL me if you have any questions.

Happy shooting!




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