Feature Product #3

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Every month (or so) I will now feature a product from either the Nisi Filters, Sirui, Sunwayfoto or the new Explorer range. I also sell Walkstool photography stools too!

I strive to provide photographers and media creators with the best possible products and also value for money so you get the right product first time without wasting money on cheaper products which you will just end up upgrading anyway.

Each feature product will include a discount voucher to save you some more cash! Use Coupon FEATURE10 at checkout for 10% off.

See below some photos of this months feature product. Click on the feature link below to take you to the product page which contains all the information about the product.

As always if you have any questions about any feature product (or any others) I am more than happy to help. Send me an email HERE.

Until next time, happy shooting.



Feature Product - May 2021

NiSi 100mm Starter Kit Plus Third Generation III with V6 and Landscape CPL

Click HERE to take you to the full product page or the full link is below. Use Coupon FEATURE10 at checkout for 10% off. Have a browse of all the products on the site while you are there! Plenty of great products and accessories for photographers.


If you are looking for a great landscape photography filter set that you will not have to add anything to then this is the kit you want. Some kits still leave you wanting to add more filters to them and you end up spending the same amount anyway (or more!).

I use and recommend this kit and it always meets my needs. See the link for a full list of what is in this kit plus more information on the whole kit also.

Save until the end of May by using the coupon code at checkout. EMAIL me if you have any questions.

Starter-Kit-Plus boxStarter-Kit-Plus box



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