Camera and Drone Photography Workshops

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Camera and Drone Photography Workshops


Did you get a new camera or drone for Christmas?

Are you unsure how to use it properly and can't get your head around all the settings and menus?


If you are in this situation, I can help with my Camera and Drone Photography Workshops. See down below for more information on each workshop and click on the dedicated links provided to find out more details on each workshop.

Notes are provided for each workshop for reference later on and I am always available to provide after workshop support for any questions.

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Camera Photography Workshop

My general or beginner camera workshop is ideal for someone who has a new camera, someone who has a camera but wants to get off auto mode or even someone wanting to refresh their photography skills. This workshop is conducted with a small group so everyone gets plenty of instruction and assistance and we do a mix of theory, practical and actual shooting on location for a great learning experience.

I can also conduct this workshop 1 on 1 if you prefer that. (Additional costs apply for 1 on 1 workshops).

Click on either of the photos below or HERE to go to the Camera Photography Workshop page for more detailed information. There are upcoming workshop dates and booking links there also. 

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Drone Introductory Workshop (1 on 1)

My drone introductory workshop is ideal for the new drone user or someone who has a drone but does not know much about all the laws etc. and/or is not confident with flying their drone. If so, this workshop is for you.

Education around aviation safety in relation to drone operations is very important and there is lots to consider here. Be taught by a CASA licensed remote pilot (RePL) and find out all the do's and don'ts for drone operations and also where to find the correct drone safety information.

Once you are in the air, taking great photos and videos is the next challenge. I am a full time professional photographer and have been flying drones for years. I can provide you with lots of tips and tricks to get awesome sharp photos and cool cinematic videos whilst safely flying your drone.

Click on either of the photos below or HERE for more detailed information. 

This workshop is 1 on 1 only to ensure the best educational and workshop experience and to ensure you are comfortable and confident with all the information covered. Workshop is for DJI drones only.

To discuss this workshop with me and to arrange a mutual date for the workshop EMAIL me or give me a call on 0439575340.

20211227-drone-00;00;13;05-Edit20211227-drone-00;00;13;05-Edit Drone NFZ North WardDrone NFZ North Ward

I look forward to seeing you soon on either (or both) of my camera and drone photography workshops.

For more information about all my other landscape and 1 on 1 photography workshops click HERE.

Feel free to EMAIL me or call on 0439575340 to discuss or if you have any questions.


Happy Shooting!




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