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Every month (or so) I will now feature a product from either the Nisi Filters, Sirui, Sunwayfoto or the new Explorer range. I also sell Walkstool photography stools too!

I strive to provide photographers and media creators with the best possible products and also value for money so you get the right product first time without wasting money on cheaper products which you will just end up upgrading anyway.

Each feature product will include a discount voucher to save you some more cash! Use Coupon FEATURE10 at checkout for 10% off.

See below some photos of this months feature product. Click on the feature link below to take you to the product page which contains all the information about the product.

As always if you have any questions about any feature product (or any others) I am more than happy to help. Send me an email HERE.

Until next time, happy shooting.



Feature Product - Oct 2021

Circular Filter Kits

Circular filters are a quick, easy and affordable way to get creative with your camera by reducing or altering the light that enters your lens.

Common ones are polarisers which reduce glare especially when shooting images with water like seascapes and waterfalls. They really reduce the glare from the white water and help give depth to the image by "seeing" into the water, a bit like your polarised sunglasses but for your camera.

The other common filters are ND or Neutral Density filters which reduce light by specific numbers of "stops" of light. This can be good for producing creative images with longer exposures and some filters can even be used in daylight to give longer exposures, great for flattening out water or making streaky cloud effects in your photos.

Like any filter you put on the front of your lens, make sure it is clean for best optics and also don't do it up too tight, sometimes they can be hard to remove. Having a piece of thin rubber (like part of a rubber glove) in your bag can be handy for removing stuck filters. They allow you to grip the filter better.

Another tip for circular filters is when you buy them make sure you get a size that fits the diameter of your largest lens. That way you can use an adaptor ring to step down to the size of your other lenses. If you buy one too small, you will get vignetting when you adapt it to your bigger lens.

Here are some links with more info about circular filters and the kits. I will also put a link to some filter adaptor rings.

The filter kits come with a filter bag and contain 3 filters of different stop values (lighter to darker).




Circular-ND-Kit-708x708Circular-ND-Kit-708x708 cnd1cnd1





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