Happy 2021

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Happy 2021 to all my followers and fellow photographers.

I hope you had a great Xmas break and a Happy New Year.


2020 was definitely a different year for everyone with all the COVID lockdowns and restrictions affecting everyone in some way. It certainly affected my business a lot. 

But lets not look back, lets hope for a better year where we rebuild after what has happened in 2020.

For me I enter my third year as a professional photographer. It hasn't been easy but it's been rewarding at the same time. For those that have followed me and especially those that have engaged with me and supported me, I thank you sincerely. I enjoy providing the best service I can to clients and also partaking my knowledge on my photography workshops, not only helping other photographers but providing a photography experience for them as well along with other like minded people in a controlled environment.

In 2020 I also became an authorised reseller for NiSi Filters, Sirui and Sunwayfoto. These three brands provide quality photography accessories for the budding photographer. Keep an eye out this year for featured products with a special discount and also regular promotions from the brands with good savings.

Click HERE to view my new Photography Products website or click on the photo below.

website snipwebsite snip


In closing I just want to highlight the three main areas of photography that I operate in.


I endeavour to cover a lot of areas with my photography in order to provide a diversified capability for my clients. In addition I can provide aerial/drone services also from either UAV or traditional aerial platforms like fixed wing or helicopter.

For all my friends and also past clients, it means a lot for you to provide feedback to me so I can better myself. It also helps if you can recommend me to your friends and business colleagues. Writing a Google Review is also a great way for you to provide exposure for my business. If you do that or have done in the past, Thank You!

So here's a quick breakdown of the three photography Categories that I service:


Anything photography for your business. People, premises or products. For your website or advertising/promotional requirements. Corporate events. I can travel to suit your needs if required.

Click HERE to email me about your business photography requirements.

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Majority of your personal photography requirements. From a family shoot or school formal to your special wedding day. Personal memories that last a lifetime.

Click HERE to email me about your personal photography requirements.
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I already have some 2021 workshops live so if you want to check them out you can do so HERE or click the photo below.

This year I am holding my beginner Camera Photography Workshop on the first Sunday of every month and the price remains low to keep it affordable for people wanting to learn photography and about their cameras.

All my Outback Queensland workshops are live including a new 4 day Winton Photography Workshop in stunning central outback Queensland.

Click HERE or the photo below for more info and to book.

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Happy New Year to you and your family Phil. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2021!
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