Photography Tip 16 LCD Brightness

September 25, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Photographers!

Welcome to this mini photography tip to help you with your camera and to get better photos!

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This photography tip is about LCD brightness of the screen on your camera.

Like your mobile phone sometimes it's hard to see the screen (or what it's displaying) in bright sunlight and similiar conditions. This makes it difficult to make out details in photos. The other option is to move to a shaded are or go inside. Mobile phones have a function where you can turn up the brightness of the screen which makes it much easier to see photos in brighter areas. 

Most people may know about this with their phones. The same situation happens with camera screens however most people don't realise that this can also be adjusted in your camera menu. It makes a significant difference for reviewing your photos in brighter conditions once captured to check those finer details. The setting will generally be in a general area of your menu as opposed to a shooting menu.

Also with both your phone and your camera, increasing the brightness of your screen can reduce the time your battery will last so sometimes it's good to adjust it back a bit dimmer when shooting at night etc. Combined with longer exposures at night your battery life can get chewed up pretty quickly especially if using modes like live view a lot.


I hope you enjoyed this photography tip. Feel free to ask any questions here or send me a message or EMAIL.

Till next time, happy shooting.




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