Canon EOS R5

August 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

So Canon recently released their latest cameras (and lenses) which are both full frame mirrorless bodies.

The Canon EOS R5 is the new flagship mirrorless camera and it was too hard to resist so I am now the proud owner of this amazing camera.

Boasting a 45mp sensor, fast shutter rates, advanced auto focus and impressive video performance, this camera will do everything I need. I have shot over 3000 frames with the camera so far in the few weeks I have owned it and I am more and more impressed each day.

You can find more info and specs etc. on the Canon EOS R5 plus the complete range of Canon Cameras at the link below. Game On!!

Here's a few of photos of the actual camera plus some images I have shot with it so far.

20200829-_MG_931220200829-_MG_9312 20200829-_MG_930820200829-_MG_9308 20200829-_MG_931020200829-_MG_9310 20200829-_MG_930520200829-_MG_9305


20200809-_MG_0768-Edit20200809-_MG_0768-Edit 20200812-_MG_0909-Edit-Edit20200812-_MG_0909-Edit-Edit 20200821-_MG_2076-Edit20200821-_MG_2076-Edit 20200804-_MG_036120200804-_MG_0361 20200809-_MG_0647-Edit20200809-_MG_0647-Edit 20200815-_MG_1121-Edit20200815-_MG_1121-Edit



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