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As an authorised reseller for Sirui Tripods, I thought I would do a quick summary of a couple of tripods in the range including a new travel tripod just released. The two favourites are ones that I actually own, use and recommend/and/or would buy however everyone has different requirements and also budgets so I'm happy to help with selection to get you the best tripod for your buck and one that will be stable enough for you to use to get those awesome photos. All Sirui tripods are awesome quality and look the goods with a highly professional finish. They also carry a 6 year warranty!!

Here's a quick list of the ones covered here:

Sirui W-2204 - Great for a main landscape tripod and is carbon fibre for strength and light in weight and is also waterproof. I personally own and use one of these. 

Sirui Traveller 7C - A lightweight carbon tripod suitable for travelling/hiking. This tripod is also suitable for a main tripod too!


So, here's some photos and information/specifications of each tripod. Please EMAIL me if you are interested in a tripod purchase and I can help you select what is best for you.

The Sirui W-2204 with K-2011 ball head.

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Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof

  • Tripod Load Capacity: 18kg

  • Leg Sections: 4

  • Weight: 1.4kg

  • Reverse-Folding Legs

  • One Leg Converts to a Monopod

  • Split Center Column

  • Stainless Steel Spikes and Rubber Feet

Sirui K-20II Ball Head

  • Knobs for Pan, Tilt & Tension

  • Aluminium knobs for added durability

  • 25 kg Load Capacity

  • Quick-Release Plate

  • Arca-Style Clamp for Quick Release

  • 90° Tilt, 360° Pan

  • CNC-Machined Aluminum Alloy


The Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod with K-20II Ball Head is protected from water, dirt and dust. In addition, it has a newly designed locking mechanism for comfortable operation and a spirit level for accurate alignment. The tripod tubes are manufactured from 10-layer carbon fibre (reduced weight, increased stability, vibration-free).  Another special feature of this tripod is that one leg can be removed and used as a monopod. The centre column is made of two sections of different lengths. The short section can be used with the tripod for ground-level shots. The long section can be used to increase the height of the monopod to 177cm.  The legs have three ratchet positions and can be folded up by 180° so that the tripod measures just 52cm when collapsed. Each leg is made of 4 sections with 3 sealed twist locks. Rubber feet and metal spikes ensure that the tripod is stable on any surface.  A stabilising hook on the centre column is a SIRUI standard, as are cold weather grips and a transport bag. The bag strap can also be used as a tripod strap.

Tripod + Head Weight: 2.13kg

– Integrated monopod (remove one leg)
– 10-layer carbon fibre in 4 sections
– Reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for heads/cameras
– Locking screw for head
– Legs can be folded up by 180°
– Water and dustproof twist locks
– Stabilising hook and cold weather grips

– Weight: 1.70kg
– Max. load: 18kg
– Tripod height: 15.5 – 178cm
– Monopod height: 48 – 177cm
– Closed size: 52cm
– Tube diameter: 18.6 – 29.4mm

1x SIRUI W-2204 waterproof tripod carbon fibre
3x Rubber feet
3x Stainless steel spikes
1x 2nd Mounting plate
1x Wrist strap
1x Transport bag with strap

The SIRUI KII series ball heads are designed and built to the highest standards. The tolerance between the ball and the bearing on SIRUI heads is a max. 0.01 mm. The superior quality is achieved by high-end CNC milling and high quality surface finish.

The base can be smoothly rotated by 360 °, thus panoramic shots are a breeze. With the three spirit levels the head can be perfectly aligned. The clamping device is compatible with the Arca-Swiss system, enabling the use of various quick-release plates. The safety lock system prevents accidental slippage of the quick release plate. The precise control of the knobs allows very smooth and effective locking and unlocking of the individual components. The knob for the friction of the ball can be limited in the KII series includes is a limit scale for easy reference.

– Ball Diameter: 38mm
– Weight: 0.43kg
– Height: 101mm
– Load Capacity: 25kg

  • 360 ° panorama function and vertical notch

  • Aluminium knobs for added durability

  • Easy and fast control of all knobs

  • Plate with 1/4″ stainless steel screw – head assembly with 3/8″ thread

  • Safety Lock – prevents slipping of the plate

  • Sliding Stopper – stops the camera slipping when in portrait mode

  • Spirit levels – horizontally and vertically

  • Quick release plate


The Sirui Traveller 7C with E-10 ball head.

DSC05860DSC05860 DSC05862DSC05862 DSC05864DSC05864

  • Removable leg can be converted to monopod

  • 6 year warranty

  • Leg Sections: 4

  • Weight: 1.6kg

  • E-10 Ball Head with TY-50E QR Plate

  • Reverse-Folding Legs

  • Soft Case


Sirui Traveler 7C Carbon Fibre Tripod with E-10 Ball Head – Stable, packable and full size

The Traveler tripods are compact lightweight and full size travel tripods. They feature updated leg locks and come packaged with the E-10 ball head. In every situation they are light to handle and support your camera securely.  The legs of the Traveler series can be folded up by 180° so that the tripod has a height of just 48cm when collapsed. The head can remain on the tripod. Each leg is composed of 4 sections with 3 twist locks. The rubber feet ensure the tripod is steady on all surfaces.  A stabilising hook on the centre column is a SIRUI standard, as are cold-weather grips and a transport soft bag.

SIRUI’s E ball heads operate very accurately, smoothly and softly. The base can be rotated by 360°, ideal for panoramic shots. The friction can be controlled using the setting knobs. The Safety Lock System prevents quick release plates from slipping. The release plate locking mechanism is compatible with Arca Swiss systems and allows various plates to be used.

  • 6-layer carbon fibre in 4 sections

  • Removable rubber feet can be changed for the included metal spikes

  • Removable leg converts to monopod

  • Reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for tripod heads or cameras

  • Locking screw for head

  • Legs can fold up by 180°

  • Practical twist locks for secure support

  • Stabilising hook and cold weather grips

  • Simple operation of all control knobs

  • 360° panorama pan with 5° scale

  • Arca-Swiss compatible – 90° vertical slot

  • Safety Lock – prevents the plate from slipping

  • Plate with 1/4 inch screw – head mount with 3/8 inch thread

  • TY-50E quick release plate


  • Tripod specifications: (Including Head)

  • Weight: 1.57kg

  • Max. load: 8kg

  • Max Height – 166.5cm (centre column extended)

  • Max Height – 137.5cm (centre column lowered)

  • Minimum Height – 48cm

  • Monopod Height – 52cm – 173.5cm

  • Closed size: 48cm

  • Tube diameter: 15 – 25.8mm

Ball head specifications:
– Weight: 0.3kg
– Max. load: 8kg
– Height: 90mm
– Ball diameter: 29mm
– Base diameter: 43mm
– Spirit level and Safety Pin
– Incl. TY-50E release plate

Included –
1x Sirui Traveler 7C Carbon Fibre Tripod with E-10 ball head
1x TY-50E release plate
3x Metal spikes
1x transport soft bag



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