Commercial Photography

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As a full time professional photographer, it's important that my work is consistent and diversified.

Many of my followers know me best for my workshops and landscape work but that's not all I do.

One area that is important to me for consistent income is commercial photography working regularly with local and North Queensland businesses and organisations. This can involve photography for re-branding, people headshots and products, premises, projects and services that businesses partake in.

Creating a unique visual impression is what attracts customers and clients so professional photography definitely has a place and is an important form of advertising. If you have a poor visual representation on your website, customers may move on. But if you your website is visually attractive, chances are customers will engage with your business. Of course this is not the only thing to focus on as there are so many other aspects to running a successful business. 

Also many business transactions are done on a referral basis so I would ask anyone who has used my services to spread the word with your business friends and colleagues. I pride myself on being easy to work with, reliable and strive for a quality product. If you or anyone you know is a small business owner or works for a large organisation or anything in between and requires quality photography solutions I would love to hear from them. I can also provide video services and also drone video/photography (location depending).

Contact me today for my commercial photography capability statement.

Here's a few examples of some commercial photography work I have done.

20190923-_MG_4656-Edit20190923-_MG_4656-Edit 20190911-_MG_598920190911-_MG_5989 20190718-_MG_9806-Edit20190718-_MG_9806-Edit 20190627-_MG_877420190627-_MG_8774 20190322-_MG_2592-HDR20190322-_MG_2592-HDR 20190310-_MG_222620190310-_MG_2226


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