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June 05, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I became an authorised reseller for three major brands supplying photography products and accessories to the photography industry.


This is a major step for my business and has been a long term business goal to secure an arrangement like this. I have purchased and used some of the products from all three of these brands over the years and they are top notch quality. 

Moving forward this will further support what I can offer via my workshops and for people looking for quality photography products and accessories. Due to a brand conflict I can no longer support sales of Kase filters. I have enjoyed the journey with Kase but it’s time to move on.

My website will be setup soon to support these brands. I can however assist people straight away if required. Send me an EMAIL.

Please contact me if you have any questions or are wanting any of these photography products. I look forward to you supporting a local business  moving forward, it will be very much appreciated.


Sirui make awesome tripods which is their best known products with a great ranges. Other not so known photography products include gimbals for your phone or camera and also dry cabinets for storing your camera gear in a controlled environment.


Sunwayfoto make a variety of photography products and accessories including things like L-Brackets and fill lights.

Pixel-One-banner NiSiPixel-One-banner NiSi

NiSi Filers need no introduction in the photography world and are a market leader in photography filters and accessories.


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