Home Isolation Photography Tips

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With everyone at home I thought I would post some home isolation photography tips of things you can do while sitting around doing nothing haha

With not much activity due to all the restrictions, now is the time to get the photography backroom in order.


Clean Up Hard Drives

If your computer or external hard drives are getting full, now is the ideal time to go through and clean out any old folders or photos that you don't want to keep anymore. You may want to archive some of them onto other hard drives to give you more space. You don't want to have to be doing this when things get busier and you run out of space.


Losing precious photos is the last thing any photographer wants to happen so now is the ideal to make sure all your photos are backed up. Make sure all your RAW/jpeg files are all double backed up on separate hard drives. Even adding a third one is a good practice.

If you use Lightroom it's also very important to make sure your Lightroom catalogue file/s are backed up on the same hard drives. This way you can restore Lightroom if your computer ever crashes.


Use the time to clean out and archive any emails you want to keep and all those ones that you can delete. Create folders to organise all your emails.

Calibrate your Monitor

For those that work with a calibrated workflow, having your monitor display true colours is crucial when you come to edit your photos. Your monitor should be calibrated at least once a month. It's amazing how much it can be out even in that short time. I use a Spyder calibrator to regularly calibrate my Eizo monitor. 

Check/Clean all your Camera Gear and Lenses

Go through all your gear and clean and check everything so it doesn't let you down when you most need it. Check other things also like you tripod for any loose parts or things that may be worn. Now is the time to fix that! I did some work on my tripod the other day.

Check/Clean you PC

While you are in cleaning and checking mode, keep that going with your computer. Dust can be a problem getting inside towers etc. so clean and check any air vents and filters. Blow them out with dry air.

SD Cards

You should be formatting your cards on a regular basis anyway, but if you don't you risk losing photos from them. At least do it once every few weeks to keep them in top condition. Always format your cards in your camera for optimum performance. If you have had your cards for a couple of years now is a good time to get rid of old cards and replace them with new ones. Format them in your camera straight out of the packet also.


If you have a website, now is the time to get it up to date and create those blog posts. You can schedule blog posts on most platforms to go live on the date you set. If you don't have keywords in all your website photos, get this done now for optimum SEO so people can find your website.

Camera Menus and Manuals

If you are not real familiar with your camera, use the down time to go through all your menus etc. and familiarise yourself with how to setup and change things. Go through and read your camera manual. A good practice would be to reset all your camera settings to default and go through and set everything up again. You will be amazed how sometimes you can inadvertently change things and not know it. I'm happy to help if you have any questions or problems.

Photobooks and Printing

Have you been wanting to create that photobook of some of your photos or maybe get that family album done. Do it now. Companies like Momento make the best photobooks in the business and they are open for business right now. They also have some good specials right now!

If you have a printer, use the time to print some of your photos and create those hard copy memories, not let them stay hidden on your hard drive, computer or dropbox folder.

Edit Old Photos

Use the time to go back through old photo shoots and pick out photos that catch your eye and edit or re-edit them. You will always look at things a bit differently over time. 


Get your camera out in your backyard and try different things with different modes and settings etc. and experiment. Fine tune those photos of your pets and get that un used macro lens out. Try different things with flash photography....the list is endless really.


I hope you have enjoyed all these home isolation photography tips. Keep the mind stimulated and get things up to date. You will thank yourself for it when times get busy again.

Happy shooting (and cleaning, learning, creating etc!)



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