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A lot of photographers nowadays are using the popular Adobe Photography Plan (CC, Creative Cloud) for processing their photos. This plan includes Lightroom (LR) and also Photoshop (PS). I just want to use this blog to detail some pros of using this plan and also how I can help you set it up properly.

One thing I see a lot is comments about how photographers buy a new camera and suddenly their old version of Lightroom etc. will not recognise their files from their new camera. This is because the old software needs to be updated. If you have the Adobe photography plan, this can be avoided as you can regularly update to the latest versions which cover all the latest cameras that come onto the market. It is a monthly subscription but most things like this are nowadays and for a photographer its $14 per month well spent in my view.

The pros of this plan are:

1. Its cheap and affordable.

2. You can always update to the latest versions. It can even be set to automatically do this.

3. LR and PS talk to each other and edits done in PS carry back into LR.

4. Collections setup in LR are backed up on the cloud.

5. There are always new functions available which can be game changers in editing your photos compared to the older versions. The plan is a great way to "keep with the times".

Adobe LR libAdobe LR lib

Lightroom is effectively a database of your photos but your RAW files remain unchanged and LR records all changes to your files in a "catalogue file". Like your RAW files, this catalogue file also needs to be backed up. As with any database, its important to set it up correctly right from the start. I have been using LR for about 5 years and have found a comprehensive way to store, record, backup and also find photos really easily. This creates an easy to use "photography workflow" to use day in day out.

If you are constantly frustrated with LR or are thinking of switching to the plan, I can help with a one on one workshop to help you get going and to understand how to best manage all your photos and get the best out your hard earned $14 per month.

Adobe LR devAdobe LR dev

In my 3-4 hour Lightroom workshop you will learn the following:

1. Setup Lightroom correctly to suit your needs and create a useful file structure for your photos and RAW files. Setting up your catalogue file.

2. Import your photos into Lightroom correctly including use of presets to save time.

3. Use of keywords and how to sort and find your photos with them. Also filtering and searching for photos using other means.

4. Creating collections and collection sets.

5. Editing your photos with the develop module. Also mass editing of batches of photos using syncronisation. 

6. Setting up watermarks for your photos. Also saving shortcuts for these.

7. Exporting your photos and the different settings. Also saving shortcuts for these.

8. Maintenance and recommended backup of your RAW files and catalogue file.

9. Creative Cloud linking with Adobe Photoshop.

10. Updating of new versions of Lightroom and Photoshop and other Creative Cloud software like Camera Raw.

11. Other Lightroom functions as required.


Contact me today if you are interested. You can email me HERE.

I look forward to helping you get the most out of your photography!





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