Daintree Photography Workshop

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From the 19-26th of August I was up in the beautiful Daintree world heritage listed rainforest for the 2019 Daintree Photography Workshop. Run by Dr Les Walkling along with many other helpers and guest presenters, it's highly regarded as one of the best technical photography workshops in the world.

One of the main guest presenters this year was Tony Hewitt who is a world renowned aerial photographer and presenter. His presentations were inspiring to say the least and he gave us a great insight into how he captures and edits his stunning images. His presence this year was one of the main reasons I had to participate, I love his work and it's very inspiring to what I want to achieve with my photography. It was great to meet him and spend time talking to him.

Off the grid for 8 days with no phone service, there were no distractions for a focused learning environment with some amazing content and advice being shared. I knew early in the year when I registered for this that it would be the best thing I will ever do for photography development. And I wasn't disappointed. Along with the awesome photography content, we were also spoiled with restaurant quality food being constantly prepared by 3 chefs. The cuisine was divine to say the least and I'm sure I put on at least 5 kilos. The workshop was held at the JCU Daintree Rainforest Observatory at Cape Tribulation which is a state of the art rainforest research station with accommodation and conference facilities nestled deep in the pristine rainforest. There is no better place for a photography workshop!

For the duration of the workshop we had access to top of the range photography equipment and colour managed monitors and printers and also some of the best photography papers available so we could all print our work. We also went on a number of field trips to various parts of the Daintree area so everyone had plenty of photographs to print.

Below are some of the best photos I took during the time I was there. I also printed all these out, they look amazing in print. Nearly all were A3+ sized prints. I will put some notes against each of them for a bit more info. You can see more of my photos taken during the workshop in my Daintree photo gallery HERE.

I hope I can again go back to the Daintree in the future not only for myself, but also another one of these workshops.


This is Cape Tribulation taken on the second morning at first light with my drone.



One of the facilities at the JCU DRO is a rainforest canopy crane. On the end of the main boom there is an Ospreys nest. I was lucky to capture some great shots of one of the adults flying off to hunt for food for their chicks. This print was also awarded as one of the 4 top prints for the workshop so that was an honour to receive that in amongst so many talented photographers.



This was the other print I submitted in the final print competition. Taken at Thornton Beach just south of Cape Tribulation. The creek mouth shown is Cooper Creek. We went on a croc tour there the previous day but did not see any.



Where the rainforest meets the reef. Noah Beach just south of where we were staying. The Daintree is the only area where two world heritage listed areas join each other, the rainforest and the Great Barier Reef.



Another example of the rainforest meeting the reef. Taken at Cowie Bay about 20kms north of Cape Tribulation. An amazingly stunning area.



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