World Rafting Championships

May 29, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier this month I was part of the media team for the World Rafting Championships held on the Tully River in North Queensland.

Teams from all over the world converged on the small cane farming township bringing a boost to the economy of Tully. The town really embraced the championships with posters and marketing material posted all over the town.

From a photography perspective it was a challenging 4 days of shooting as Australia's wettest town really lived up to it's name! My camera gear was continually wet the whole time but the Canon weather sealing in the pro level cameras was up to the challenge. Due to the rain drone operations were very limited but I did manage to get some cool footage and photos for about an hour one day when the sun very briefly broke through. It didn't last long though. I shot a lot more video this time than I normally would and the media team posted a few highlights reels each day on social media and also a longer clip at the end. Follow International Rafting Federation on IG to see some of the action.

There were 8 of us on the team including two guys from the UK who are making an hour long TV production to be shown worldwide on Fox Sports. I look forward to seeing that and hopefully I can share some of that with you eventually.

So, here's some of my photos I captured during the event. The Tully Gorge truly is a spectacular place and I heard a lot of the teams saying it was one of the most scenic World Rafting Championships they have been to. I've also included a team photo at the bottom :-)




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