Photography Tip 8

December 18, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Photographers!

Welcome to this mini photography tip to help you with your camera and to get better photos!

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This photography tip is about restoring camera default settings.

I'm sure everyone has had that moment where some setting has changed in your camera and you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how it happened!!

You could spend ages searching through your cameras menus trying to find out what went wrong and even then you still may not find it!

There is an easy way to correct most of these issues though and that is by restoring your camera to its default settings.


Most cameras will have a menu item that says something like "clear all camera settings" or "restore camera default settings" or something similiar. 9 times out of 10 this will fix your issue. If it doesn't then it may even be a camera hardware issue which may involve a trip to the camera doctor.

Restoring default settings may clear some functions that you had customised yourself so after resetting go through your camera menus and set any favourite settings that you used before. Examples of that might be your file size (jpeg to RAW etc.) or any custom menus you had set. If you had done any micro adjustments to auto focus too these may have to be re-done. So while restoring default settings can be an easy fix, sometimes it may take a bit of work to get back to where you were.

If you have any camera issues I'm happy if you contact me or give me a call as I may be able to help in some cases.


I hope you enjoyed this photography tip. Feel free to ask any questions here or send me a message or email.

Till next time, happy shooting.




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