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November 12, 2019  •  1 Comment

I was excited a few weeks back to be contacted by the editor of Australian Geographic magazine wanting to purchase/license a few of my photos for a story they were publishing on Magnetic Island. The story will appear in Edition 153 which is the Nov/Dec edition this year. Do yourself a favour and get down to your local newsagent and grab a copy of one of Australia's best magazines. It's out now!

This almost didn't happen as their original email went to my spam folder (how dare you Google!) but luckily the editor followed up with a phone call shortly after so they must have really wanted my photos :-)

The story also includes a piece on Magnetic Island tourism company Aquascene Charters who are a small family business doing great things on the island taking people to secluded bays and beaches on the island showing off all the great parts of Maggy! I haven't been on a trip with them yet but it's high on the list to do next time I am on the island. Follow them on Instagram (@aquascenecharters_) to see what they do.

Here's a look at the photos used in the story and also the contents page.

1. This is how the photos appear in the magazine.


2. Nelly Bay marina and ferry terminals.


3&4. Arthur Bay. The one with the jet ski was used as the feature photo for the story. The other was used on the contents page of the magazine.

20180916-_MG_347820180916-_MG_3478Magnetic Island photo 20180916-_MG_347420180916-_MG_3474Magnetic Island photo

5. Magnetic Island Koala.

20170624-IMG_018120170624-IMG_0181Magnetic Island photo

6. Picnic Bay jetty

IMG_1323IMG_1323Magnetic Island photo


Kal Horvath(non-registered)
That's awesome Phil.
Aquascene Charters could be a great workshop opportunity next year. I'd be in.
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