Landscape Photography Workshops

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In the last couple of weeks I have conducted landscape photography workshops in Outback Queensland at the towns of Charters Towers and Hughenden.

Both these were well received by attending photographers and we all had a great time at both workshops shooting both late afternoon/sunset landscapes and then some astrophotography in the evening. We had good conditions for the Charters Towers workshop with clear skies, but unfortunately for the Hughenden workshop a bit of uninvited cloud came to the party for the night but this didn't dampen the spirits of everyone and participants still learnt a lot of new techniques and put them into practice which is always a challenge in the dark.

Below are a selection of photos I captured during my trips out west to conduct these workshops. Most are taken outside of the workshops as my main focus for the workshops is to ensure people have a great learning experience. I did sneak a couple in though at the end of each night plus some group shots during the night.

If you are interested in any of my landscape photography workshops or beginner camera workshops you can click on the link below to check them out. Email me if you have any questions. I look forward to hopefully seeing you on a workshop soon :-)

Phil Copp Photos - Photography Workshops

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Charters Towers Photography Workshop

Macrossan rail bridges with the milky way above.


Sunset from Towers Hill


Milky Way and a dead tree at Fletchers Creek 


Charters Towers Weir on the Burdekin River.


Gold mining poppet head in Charters Towers with the milky way above.


Hughenden Photography Workshop

Porcupine Gorge sunrise

20190929-DJI_0425-HDR-Pano-Edit-Edit orig crop20190929-DJI_0425-HDR-Pano-Edit-Edit orig crop


Our workshop sunset.



Cattle droving just out of Hughenden one morning.



Old car wreck just south of Hughenden.



Outback sunrise.



Windmill in Hughenden with the milky way.



Milky way shots along the Flinders River and above some rocks on Mt. Walker.

20190927-_MG_4801-Edit20190927-_MG_4801-Edit 20190927-_MG_4814-Edit-Edit20190927-_MG_4814-Edit-Edit


Sunset from the top of Mt. Walker just out Hughenden.


A few group shots of the workshops.

20190928-_MG_2573-Edit20190928-_MG_2573-Edit 20190928-_MG_2562-Edit-Edit20190928-_MG_2562-Edit-Edit 20190928-_MG_488220190928-_MG_4882


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